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VIC, the real name Victor Antsufeyev, is a DJ from the city of Minsk, Belarus. His career began in 2011 From that time VIC became a resident of belarussian trance festival Trance Fusion till 2015, where he`s performed with Alexander Popov, Erick Strong, Abstract Vision, Andrew Rayel, Arctic Moon, Simon Patterson, Solarstone etc.
In 2014 VIC took part in Freedom Music parties and performed on The Freedom Music stage of MayDay Festival in Minsk-Arena
Also in 2014 the dj started up its own show, called Past Against The Future (PATF)
In 2015 VIC performed on Lobby Stage of Armada Night festival in Minsk
In 2016, 2017 VIC performed on Trance Universe festival in Moscow with Fonarev, Reorder, Richard Durand, Daniel Kandi, A.R.D.I., Roger Shah, Stoneface & Terminal etc.
Past Against The Fututure (PATF) is the monthly two-hour podcast containing of progressive, trance, breaks and psychedelic tracks from dj`s and producer`s all over the world. PATF consists of not only new and popular music, but also the best tracks from the past.
The radio show has some headings:
"public selection" - tracks and remixes by young talents;
"bang-up mashup" - best mashup of the episode;
"let`s take a break" - breaks tracks;
"forgotten melodies" - classics tracks;
"just listen" - chill out, ambient and another calm melodies.

''Si nos referimos a un Dj Set energetico, poderoso, con una base melodica, beats a reventar y que de principio a fin te transporte a otro universo... Tiene que ser de Winhek''
Actualmente, se ubica en las filas de BOX Media Agency, representando el nombre de México muy en alto, con un nuevo proyecto y de igual manera, con la misma ambicion y empeño. "Come From Space" Su nuevo radioshow. La nueva faceta de Winhek dentro de la escena y que ya lo consolida como uno de los mejores Dj's de Trance en México.
El futuro de Winhek solo puede prosperar si los esfuerzos que haga, son la base de una carrera exitosa... Una estrella palpitante que poco a poco hace aun mas eco en el basto universo Trance... ''Winhek! Joven promesa dentro del Djing Nacional e Internacional'' son las palabras que se dicen, pero ¿Tu que dices...?

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